Cave Conservancy of Hawaii  

The 2011 annual meeting for the Cave Conservancy of Hawaii is scheduled for February 13 at the home of Peter and Ann Bosted near Ocean View on the Big Island. Call or email for more information. Please write mike( at ) to contact the CCH, or call 518 253 6781
2011 Field Season Reports - Ongoing Updates through February.

The 2011 Field Season is in full swing. The purpose of the conservancy is to own and manage land for conservation, study and the public good and to assist individuals, agencies and organizations in this regard as an organization with expertise in these areas. A number of science, conservation and exploration activities are part of the larger scope of CCH work in Hawaii. The occasion of the annual meeting, usually in February, provides an opportunity to work together. A casual travelogue provides a small sampling of the fun had in the pursuit of our mission.

CCH members have received emails with election ballots and annual dues reminders. Current members may submit ballots electronically by reply email. The CCH is dependant upon your continued support going forward with many exciting projects.

  Watch for meeting updates, election results and other current information to be posted this month.

2010 meeting minutes and links to CCH activity blogs for prior years